Best Feed For Sheep In Kenya

Best Feed For Sheep In Kenya

Sheep need to eat a lot of hay, fresh vegetables, and other nutritional supplements to stay healthy. Farmers usually feed their sheep twice a day, morning and evening. Sheep farmers in Kenya usually feed their sheep hay, fresh vegetables, and other nutritional supplements.

Which is the best feed for sheep?

Supplementary feeding of sheep, with grain, hay, or silage is necessary when pastures or stubbles are deficient in energy and protein. A good supplementary feeding program will ensure sheep utilize as much dry paddock feed as possible as well as provide sufficient supplementary feed for maintenance or growth.

What do you feed sheep to grow faster?

How to feed fattening sheep to grow fast? | RICHI

Powdered feed should be properly mixed and wet to feed sheep. Lamb pellets have a diameter of 1-1.3 cm, large sheep 1.8-2.0 cm. Sheep fattening with pellets can increase daily weight gain by 25%.

How do you feed sheep cheaply?

Grass hay (or pasture) almost always meets their nutritional needs. A high-quality hay or grain supplementation is not usually necessary. Lambs and kids that are being fed a high-quality concentrate diet will also do fine with grass hay. It’s always important to remember that sheep and goats are ruminants.