Best Executive Coaches In Kenya

Best Executive Coaches In Kenya

Below is the Best Executive Coaches In Kenya

Jeff Nthiwa

Kinyarah Tsammey

Michelle Iravuhah

Bridget Wanyaga

Mary W Chege-kamau

Salma Mazrui-watt

Lorraine Otieno

Rosemary N-davis

Sharon Kisire

Njeri Ngugi

Asenath Bore

Caroline Muchekehu

How do I find the best executive coach?

The No-Fail Guide To Choosing The Right Executive Coach

  1. Check the experience level of the Executive coach.
  2. Accreditation, Degree, and professional certification.
  3. Business understanding and sector experience.
  4. Check whether what you learned about the Executive Coach comes to life during the chemistry session.

When should you get an executive coach?

Maybe you’re managing a much larger team than before, or you’ve been assigned to a different department. “Coaches can give you a new perspective,” says Harden. “They provide a sounding board to bounce ideas off of and can offer mentoring as an experienced executive who has been there, done that.”

How often should you meet with an executive coach?

An employee in one of these quadrants would benefit from an executive coach (or a mentor) on an almost weekly basis. However, every two weeks is usually more manageable. A biweekly rhythm allows more time for applying and testing the insights from a previous session.