Best Estates In Kenya

Best Estates In Kenya

here are the best and most expensive estates in Nairobi.

  • Karen Estate.
  • Runda Estate.
  • Muthaiga Estate.
  • Gigiri.
  • Kilimani Estate.
  • Lavington Estate.
  • Rosslyn Estate.
  • Kitisuru Estate.
  • Ridgeways Estate
  • Nyari Estate
  • Westlands Estate
  • Riverside Estate
  • Kyuna Estate
  • Spring Valley
  • Lower Kabete Estate
  • Loresho Estate
  • Whispers Estate
  • Upper Hill Estate
  • Hurlingham

Which is the most expensive place to live in Kenya?

Those living in Nairobi and Mombasa counties, which also double up as the country’s largest cities, bear the highest cost. Kenyans in some devolved units are paying dearly to survive due to the high cost of living that is even beyond the national average.

Where do the rich invest their money in Kenya?

A majority of Kenya’s super-rich put their money in government bonds and properties targeting residential and retail clients, according to the 2023 “Wealth Report” compiled by luxury property firm Knight Frank.

Where is the best place to live in Kenya?

Best Places to Live in Kenya | 7 Popular Cities and Towns ...

Top 8 Places to Live in Kenya

  1. Nairobi. Best place to live for Digital Nomads.
  2. Nakuru. Best place for Expats
  3. Mombasa. Best place for History Lovers.
  4. Ukunda. Best place to live for couples.
  5. Machakos. Best place to live for Solo Travellers.
  6. Eldoret. Best place to live for Athletes.
  7. Kisumu. Best place to live for Groups.