Best Estate Agencies In Kenya

Best Estate Agencies In Kenya

Top real estate companies in Kenya?

  • Hass Consult Limited.
  • Knight Frank Kenya.
  • Azizi Realtors.
  • Dunhill Consulting Limited.
  • Fanaka Real Estate.
  • Lloyd Masika Limited.
  • AMG Realtors.
  • Cytonn Investments.

Which is the best land-selling company in Kenya?

Best Land Selling Companies in Kenya in 2023 - Wikitionary254

Let us now look at the best land-selling companies in Kenya in 2023.

  • Optiven Limited.
  • Pam Golding Properties Kenya.
  • AMG Realtors Limited.
  • Ryden International Limited.
  • Knight Frank Kenya.
  • Villa Care Limited.
  • Best Link Developers Ltd.
  • Lloyd Masika Limited.

How much are real estate agents paid in Kenya?

A monthly wage for entry-level Real estate agents and property managers ranges from Ksh23,081 to Ksh50,016. After gaining 5 years of work experience, their income will be between Ksh31,026 and Ksh71,432 per month.

How do I know if a real estate company is legit in Kenya?

You have a right to request certifications of registration such as business registration and industry licensing. These indicate that the company is operating legally in the country. If the representatives are not willing to provide these documents, that is a cause for alarm for you as an investor.