Best Epoxy Paint In Kenya

Best Epoxy Paint In Kenya

Below is the Best Epoxy Paint In Kenya

Quartz Top (Sika Hardener)

Polyurethane Epoxy Floor Coating Services in Kenya.

Blue Epoxy Theatre Room

Warehouse Epoxy

Warehouse Grey Epoxy

Grey Industrial Epoxy

Theatre Room Epoxy

How much does epoxy cost in Kenya?

Epoxy Floor Prices in Kenya - Bettercoat Company

The overall prices of epoxy flooring solution ranges from Kes. 1,500+VAT to 5,500+VAT depending on the system chosen and the condition of the floor.

What is epoxy paint best used for?

Epoxy paint is a cost-effective option for concrete floors in various industrial environments. Epoxy paint is certainly more durable than standard paint due to the infusion of epoxy in the paint mix. The added epoxy makes the paint mixture more durable, tough, corrosion-resistant, and easy to maintain.

How long does epoxy paint last?

Depending on the additives present in a coating and the levels of foot traffic, drop impact, wear from vehicles in a space, and other factors, an epoxy garage floor coating can last between two and ten years with proper maintenance.