Best Egg Laying Chicken For Beginners In Kenya

Best Egg Laying Chicken For Beginners In Kenya

Chicken farming is one of the most profitable farming businesses in Kenya. Rearing chicken, however, requires you to be patient and determined for you to be successful. As a farmer, there is a crucial need to select the best breed to rear. A good breed indicates high productivity, hence making you earn many profits. It is also advisable that you choose a species that can survive in different environments and is resistant to different diseases.

The following five breeds are the types of chicken breeds that are best for egg production in Kenya:

  1. Hyline Brown
  2. Indian River
  3. Australorps
  4. Cherry Egger
  5. Golden Comets

How to Start Rearing Chicken in Kenya

Below are top 10 ways to start rearing chickens in Kenya:

Source Capital

Since capital is among the most crucial elements in any business, you need to source enough before beginning to rear your chicken. Money will play fundamental roles, such as purchasing the required pieces of equipment and general management of the business. As a recommendation, it would be best if you took enough time to raise enough capital.

Always Have a Business Plan

Every farmer’s dream is to have an organized farm. However, you can achieve this by owning a business plan. A business plan is essential since it will have details about your project, help you calculate the profits that may arise, and play a fundamental role in avoiding confusion. Hence, you should always have a business plan to be successful.

Select the Best Breed

The goal of rearing the chickens is to get better production and profits after a certain period. To achieve this, there is a crucial need for you to select the best breed. For instance, if you have focused on rearing chickens for egg production, you should consider getting a breed that can lay quality eggs. This will make you dominate the market with quality products, making you a successful chicken farmer.

Buy the Required Pieces of Equipment

To increase the production rate, you need to purchase some pieces of equipment, for instance, a chicken feeder. The chicken feeder will help minimize the wastage of food on the floor. This will then lead to the maximum utilization of the food by the chickens, thus making their growth rate faster. Some other pieces of equipment include drinkers and egg trays.

Know Where to Locate Your Farm

The location of your farm matters. A farm that is located near the market is more advantageous compared to one that is found far away. This is because it reduces the cost of transportation and helps in terms of saving time. Also, there are higher chances that you will connect with customers easily.

Buy Feeds

Before you begin your chicken farm, there is a need for you to purchase the required feed. Your chickens will always need to eat for their general growth. It would therefore be best if you bought the most recommended feeds. With the feeds, there are assurances that the rate of productivity will increase massively.

Build a House for the Chickens

Your birds need to live in a comfortable environment. Therefore, there is a crucial need for you to build a good home for them. Your chickens need to be in a well-ventilated, well-lit, warm, and spacious house. When their house meets all these requirements, they can be sure of being a successful farmer in the end.

Choose whether Large Scale or Small Scale

It is essential to choose an area of specialization. For instance, if you want to major in large-scale production, you will need a larger piece of land, high capital, and be ready to incur higher expenses. Alternatively, if you have a fixed budget, you can always consider beginning with small-scale farming, and later on, you can expand your premises.

Find Market for Your End products

After a certain period, you may always want to enjoy your profits. To achieve this, you will need to find a market for your end products. There will be a higher chance that you sell your goods at a faster rate with a ready market. This will then lead to better growth of the farm.

Have Medication Programs

The health of the chickens matters. It is therefore crucial that you have the required medical procedures. For instance, you should deworm and vaccinate them appropriately to better their health. You can also consider getting a veterinary that will be looking after them. There are greater assurances that you will run a successful farm with this.

Where to Buy Layers in Kenya

Some recommended places to buy layer chicken in Kenya include: Kuroiler Chicks, Nemity Poultry Limited, Isinya Chicks, and Renray Poultry Solutions.

If you need faster profit rates, you can always consider buying the fastest-growing chicken breeds; after the purchase, you should rear them well and medicate them accordingly. By following these procedures, you will notice better results in the end.