Best Egg Incubators In Kenya

Best Egg Incubators In Kenya

An egg incubator is a machine that creates the perfect conditions for an egg to incubate and hatch successfully. An egg incubator is designed to regulate incubation temperature and humidity at perfect levels. It recreates the role that the broody hen plays in nature.

Egg Incubators in Kenya

  • KSh 13,000. 56-Eggs Ac and DC Solar Powered Automatic Incubator.
  • KSh 2,000. Incubator Hygrometer.
  • KSh 28,000. 320eggs Automatic Incubator.
  • KSh 22,000. Reliable 192eggs Incubator.
  • KSh 17,999. All Weather Automatic 128 Egg Incubator.
  • DIAMOND. KSh 24,999.
  • KSh 25,000. Automatic 192 Eggs Incubator.

What is the price of egg incubator in Kenya?

Egg Incubator Price in Kenya

Egg CapacityIncubator Price
64 EggsKsh 18,000
128 EggsKsh 24,000
192 EggsKsh 32,000
300 EggsKsh 56,000

How much is a 10000 egg incubator in Kenya?

10,000 eggs incubator price in Kenya - ECOCHICKS POULTRY LIMITED

The price of a 10,000-egg incubator in Kenya can vary depending on several factors such as the brand, model, and features. Generally, prices can range from KES 200,000 to KES 500,000 or more.

How much is the smallest incubator in Kenya?

Mini Egg Incubators in Kenya

  • KSh 30,000. Sufficient and Durable 320 Eggs Incubator.
  • KSh 13,000. 56 Eggs Home Use Automatic Mini Incubator.
  • KSh 30,000. Efficient Reliable 320 Eggs Incubator.
  • KSh 30,000. Quality Sufficient 320 Eggs Incubator.
  • KSh 13,000. Powerful 64 Eggs Incubator.
  • KSh 21,500. 192 Eggs Ac/Dc Solar Incubator.