Best Education Trust Fund In Kenya

Best Education Trust Fund In Kenya

Education PlanMinimum Investment PeriodInterest Rate per annum
Liberty Educator Plan10 – 20 YearsNo interest rate. Bonuses payable
Britam Elimu Bora Education Policy7 – 18 Years10%
Madison Bima Ya Karo10 – 18 Years2% (Guaranteed)
Madison Uniplan5 – 15 Years5% (Guaranteed)

Which NGO funds education in Kenya?

The Aga Khan Foundation has established a number of schools in Kenya for children at pre-school and primary levels. Live and Learn in Kenya finds sponsorship to finance the education of children from low-income families, providing uniforms and textbooks, as well as helping to supplement teachers’ salaries.

What is the best unit trust in Kenya?

Best performing unit trusts in Kenya

  • Zimele Balanced Fund.
  • CIC Insurance Equity Fund.
  • CIC Fixed Income Fund.
  • CIC Balanced Fund.
  • GenCap Hela Fund (Money Market)
  • GenCap Iman Fund (Shariah Compliant)
  • GenCap Hisa Fund (Equity)
  • GenCap Eneza Fund (Diversified/ Balanced) Cytonn Investment unit trusts Kenya.

Who are the biggest donors to Kenya?

In 2017, four donors made up nearly 90 percent of all health ODA: the United States (62 percent), the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (18 percent), the United Kingdom (5 percent), and Gavi (4 percent).