Best Education Fund In Kenya

Best Education Fund In Kenya

Education PlanMinimum Investment PeriodInterest Rate per annum
Capex Masomo Cover5 – 20 years6%
CIC Academia Policy5 Years5.8%
Wanafunzi Trust by Nabo4 Years8.4%
Cytonn Sharp Education Investment Plan (SEIP)3 – 10 Years15%

How do I get education funds in Kenya?

Be a Kenyan student in Standard 8, Form 1, or Form 2. Meet the KEF standards of need and merit. (KCPE score of 320 and above)

Which NGO funds education in Kenya?

The Aga Khan Foundation has established a number of schools in Kenya for children at pre-school and primary levels. Live and Learn in Kenya finds sponsorship to finance the education of children from low-income families, providing uniforms and textbooks, as well as helping to supplement teachers’ salaries.

How can I save for school fees in Kenya?

Create a long-term savings account: Long-term saving accounts (also known as goal-saving accounts) let parents create an account and save a minimum amount monthly over a number of years. They have more attractive interest rates than traditional savings accounts.

Who funds free education in Kenya?

The government currently offers universal free primary education (FPE) and subsidizes secondary education in day schools. Treasury has allocated the State Department of Basic Education Sh12. 4 billion as capitation for FPE at a rate of Sh1,420 per learner in the year starting July. A proposed allocation of Sh15.