Best Economist In Kenya

Best Economist In Kenya

David Ndii (born in Kiambu, Kenya) is an economist, a columnist, and an author. The Telegraph has described him as “one of Africa’s best-known economists and an outspoken anti-corruption crusader”.

What is the Economist professional body in Kenya?

The Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA Kenya) is a membership organization. Members constitute part of the governance structure and are involved in IEA Kenya activities including debates, public forums, policy dialogues, etc.

What kind of economist is Dambisa Moyo?

Dambisa Moyo is an international economist, with expertise in macroeconomics and global affairs. Imparting her expert knowledge, she helps audiences understand how they can take advantage of global trends, geopolitics, and the changing world to enhance and grow their business.

Is economics a good degree in Kenya?

A degree in Economics and Statistics is one of the best courses to study in Kenya.

Are economists in demand in Kenya?

A growing economy and demand for education in Kenya and elsewhere need the services of highly skilled economists/statisticians.