Best ECD Courses In Kenya

Best ECD Courses In Kenya

Below are some of the institutions you might want to join if you are qualified for a Diploma in ECDE course in Kenya:

  • Shanzu TTC-Mombasa.
  • Nakuru TTC.
  • Asumbi Teachers College.
  • Kitui TTC.
  • Nyanchwa TTC.
  • Kaimosi TTC.
  • Kagumo TTC- Kagumo is one of the very best public ECD colleges in Kenya.
  • Thogoto TTC.

How long does it take to study ECDE in Kenya?

The Certificate course in ECDE is, in general, a two-year course so you will be in college for about 2 years – I should add that there are colleges that will see you finish the course in 1 and ½ years (for example, MIT Teachers College in Machakos).

How much is an ECDE course in Kenya?

Diploma in ECDE fee structure at the University of Nairobi (UON)

ItemAmount (kshs)
Tuition fee5,000.00 per unit (for a total of 24 units)
Examinations5,000.00 per year (for 2 years)
Computer5,000.00 per year (for 2 years)
Medical fee5,000.00 per year (for 2 years)

How long does ECD course take in Kenya?

This is a one-and-a-half-year course. At the end of the course, the trainee should; Acquire and apply knowledge, skills, and attitudes to develop relevant ECDE programmes. Create activities that foster positive social interaction.

How much are ECDE teachers paid in Kenya?

Based on the SRC’s review, the minimum salary for ECDE teachers in Nairobi (Cluster 1) should be between Ksh 14,961 and Ksh 15,842, while those in other areas (Cluster 4) should receive between Ksh 13,211 and Ksh 14,092.