Best Earning Jobs In Kenya

Best Earning Jobs In Kenya

Highest Paying Jobs In Kenya 2023

  1. Surgeon.
  2. Airline Pilot.
  3. Architect.
  4. Lawyers.
  5. Marketing Directors.
  6. Chief Executive Officer.
  7. University Lecturer.
  8. Information Technology Officer.

What jobs are in high demand in Kenya?

What are the Most In-Demand Jobs in Kenya?

  1. IT Managers.
  2. Software Developers.
  3. IT Technicians.
  4. Data Scientist.
  5. Cyber Security Specialists.
  6. Sales Representatives.
  7. Sales Managers.
  8. Digital Marketers.

Who earns the highest salary in Kenya?

Gideon Muriuki, the CEO of Co-operative Bank, holds the title of the highest-paid CEO in Kenya, with a monthly earning of Ksh 31.37 million and a yearly salary of Ksh 376.5 million. Who is the CEO of Safaricom? Peter Ndegwa is the CEO of Safaricom, the largest telecommunications company in East Africa.

What is a good salary in Kenya?

To live a comfortable life in Kenya, you must earn an average of Ksh 150,000 per month.

What is the most common job in Kenya?

The agricultural sector accounted for 53.8 percent of the total employment in Kenya as of 2020. Despite being the industry with a higher employment level, the services sector is growing steadily as well, reaching a share of 38.7 percent in 2020.