Best Drummers In Kenya

Best Drummers In Kenya

Kasiva Mutua is a Kenyan percussionist. According to Daily News Egypt, she is one of the top drummers in Kenya.

What makes the best drummers?

Musicality and Listening

This involves having a keen sense of listening, understanding how the instrument fits into the mix, and knowing when to hold back or drive the band forward.

Having a solid sense of time and groove allows a great drummer to really feel the music and create a strong foundation for the band.

Is drumming a skill or talent?

Drumming requires great coordination and skills, which can only be developed with practice and hard work.

How do drummers play so fast?

The first thing to understand is that speed comes from three things: coordination, muscle memory, and endurance.

Coordination in drumming allows your fingers to go where you want them to go. Start working on your finger control and strength if you want to develop fast fingers for some speed drumming.