Best Drives In Kenya

Best Drives In Kenya

7 of the best road trips in Kenya: top tips for a memorable journey

  1. From Nairobi to Lake Naivasha and back.
  2. Head into the Western Highlands to Kisumu.
  3. From Nairobi to Lake Magadi.
  4. Get into the great outdoors at Mt Kenya.
  5. Hit the Nairobi to Mombasa Highway.
  6. On the road to Lake Turkana.
  7. Desert adventures to Samburu.

What is the best car for long-distance driving in Kenya?

Land Rover Defender is one of the most robust and capable vehicles ever made. It comes with a permanent all-wheel drive and a powerful turbocharged engine. This vehicle is formidable and unstoppable, taking on all terrains with unbeatable strength and power. This car is suitable for long road trips and is allowed in parks.

How do people drive in Kenya?

Officially Kenya drives on the left, though in reality vehicles keep to the best part of the road until they have to pass each other.

Is it possible to travel from Kenya to South Africa by road?

Yes, the driving distance between Nairobi to South Africa is 3828 km. It takes approximately 2 days 4h to drive from Nairobi to South Africa. Which airlines fly from Nairobi Airport to Johannesburg Airport?