Best Dresser In Kenya

Best Dresser In Kenya

In Kenya, being a celebrity has its advantages and disadvantages. Most of these Kenyan celebrities usually have an upper hand in fashion since most of them are ambassadors of clothing lines, thus they get the best and the trending fashion style at no cost.

Below are some of the fashionable female celebs we have in the country;

Zarilyn Zonroe 

She is a Kenyan content creator. Zarilyn said she already had a few relationships that didn’t work for her. Her fashion style matches with her beauty.

Joyce Maina 

Joyce Maina is one of the best actresses we have here in Kenya now, and I’m sure you’ve seen some of her films. In addition, Joyce is also a television personality, where she hosts one of the Switch TV shows.

Joyce is one of those ladies you will love whenever she puts on any outfit. She always dress to kill leaving her fans salivating for more of her.

Kush Tracey 

Kush was a secular artist before turning into a gospel musician. Today, Kush is more focused on television than her music career. The beautiful sasy lady is still single and has always up her woredrobe style to another level. She is one of the best dressed female celebs in 2022.


She is one of the best content creators on YouTube and is also one of the women who make Over 25 a great channel here in Kenya.

At the age of 25, this youtuber has mastered the game when it comes to fashion. She is always up to date with the new fashion trends.


Most of you knew about Wilbrod in the Papa Shirandula show, which was previously aired on Citizen TV, arrived. To this day, Jackie Nyaminde, aka Wilbroda, has maintained her beautiful looks with elegant fashion. Her fashion style is always simple but classy.

Sheila Mwanyigah 

Sheila is one of the best Kenyan TV female presenters we’ve had. In addition, she is also a mother of two twins. Despite her age, Sheila has broken all the barriers and always looks sweet 16. Her fashion is one of a kind, she usually knows what to dress for which occasion.

Sanaipei Tande 

Sanaipei is one of the best musicians of our generation here in Kenya with one of the best vocals.

The musician fashion game is always on point. Sana has never disappointed her fans when she appears at any function. From her fashion to her electric performance, this legendary musician is always gives the newbies a run for their money.