Best Drawing Artist In Kenya

Best Drawing Artist In Kenya

A drawing artist is a person who practices or is skilled in an art, esp painting, drawing, or sculpture.

Below is the Best Drawing Artist In Kenya

Miriam Syowia Kyambi

Kivuthi Mbuno

Kawira Mwirichia

Ato Malinda

Michael Armitage

Who is the best artist in drawing in Kenya?

Kenya is also home to renowned artists, Michael Soi, Boniface Maina, Michael Armitage, and Wangari Mathangi among others. We’re starting this list with the youngest artist, Ian Banja. Born in Y2K and raised in Nairobi, the a self-taught artist who looks to the ordinary to find inspiration for his unusual paintings.

Who is the highest paid artist in Kenya?

Kenya's highest paid musicians and the amount they charge per ...

Which Kenyan artists charge the highest per show?

  • Nyashinski.
  • Bien Aime Baraza.
  • Otile Brown.
  • Khaligraph Jones.
  • Sol Generation.
  • Prince Indah.
  • Nadia Mukami.
  • Samidoh.

Who is the most loved artist in Kenya?

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Here are the most famous Kenyan singers and musicians.

  • Sauti Sol.
  • Fena.
  • The Kansoul.
  • King Kaka.
  • Suzanna Owiyo.
  • Mercy Myra.
  • Eric Wainaina.
  • Khaligraph Jones.

Who is the most educated artist in Kenya?

Kenyan artists with top academic qualifications

  • Holy Dave is a Ph.D.
  • David Mathenge aka Nameless.
  • Musician Wahu is a graduate of the University of Nairobi.
  • Pastor T Mwangi studied geology at the University of Nairobi.
  • Elani band member Bryan Chweya is a lawyer by profession.