Best Drama Schools In Kenya

Best Drama Schools In Kenya

Colleges Offering Certificate in Acting for Film, TV and Theatre(Acting for Film, TV and Theatre)

  • Africa Film and Television Talent Training Institute, Nairobi. Course Study Duration: 6 Months.
  • East African Media Institute, Nairobi.
  • Institute of Media and Technology, Thika.

Which school is best for acting in Kenya?

AFTTTI is also among the most respected performing arts schools in Kenya and specializes in practical-oriented acting programs (TV & Theater) alongside Film/TV. The diploma course in acting for film, TV, and theatre takes 18 months (six semesters) and costs about shs. 75,000.00 per Semester.

How can I be an actor in Kenya?

How to Start Acting Career in Kenya?

Kenya National Theatre should be the very first stop for any aspiring actor. It is the place where all like-minded actors meet to begin their careers. Other acting groups can also play the part, especially for people living outside Nairobi.

Does acting pay well in Kenya?

The majority of Actors earn a salary between Ksh28,480 and Ksh130,212 per month in 2023. A monthly wage for entry-level Actors ranges from Ksh28,480 to Ksh97,857. After gaining 5 years of work experience, their income will be between Ksh43,599 and Ksh166,532 per month.