Best Double Door Fridge In Kenya

Best Double Door Fridge In Kenya

The Following are the Best Double Door Refrigerators in Kenya:

MIKA MRDCS50WHT – Single Door Refrigerator – 5Cu.Ft – 90 LitresKSh.14,500
WHIRLPOOL WTM 302 R – 2 Door – 10.5CuFT – 290 Litres – Non FrostKSh.56,500
Von Hotpoint HRD-252S – Double Door Refrigerator – 10.5Cu.Ft – 200 LitresKSh.33,000
ICECOOL BCD-98 Fridge – 98 LitresKSh.21,000
Von Hotpoint HRZ-207S – Side by Side Fridge – 20Cu.Ft – 482 LitresKSh.105,000
Bruhm BRD225 – Double Door Refrigerator – 8.0 Cu.Ft – 210 LitresKSh.22,500
RAMTONS RF216 – 2 Door Direct Cool Fridge- 213 LitresKSh.32,000
RAMTONS RF265- 527 Liters Side by Side Led FridgeKSh.99,000

Which fridge consumes less electricity in Kenya?

Benefits of a Single Door Refrigerator: Single Door Refrigerators are more energy-efficient than Double Door Refrigerators as they use 30-40% less energy comparatively. Single-door refrigerators employ natural convection and direct cooling technologies.

How much electricity does a fridge use per month in Kenya?

After researching, I found that refrigerators use a significant amount of electricity. On average, a fridge uses between 100-300 W per month in Kenya, making it one of the highest energy users in a household.

How can I make my fridge consume less electricity?

Refrigerators: 8 tips for saving energy and saving money

  1. Get rid of your old refrigerator.
  2. Buy an energy-efficient appliance.
  3. Location is crucial.
  4. It’s all about the temperature.
  5. Beware!
  6. Defrost food in the refrigerator.
  7. Only place cold food in the refrigerator.
  8. Defrost the freezer compartment.