Best Domestic Airlines In Kenya

Best Domestic Airlines In Kenya

List of Domestic Airlines in Kenya

  • Kenya Airways.
  • Jambo jet.
  • Air Kenya.
  • Fly540.
  • Safarilink.
  • Mombasa Air Safari.

What is the largest airline in Kenya?

List of Domestic Airline Companies in Kenya | Kenya Safaris Tours

Kenya Airways is the biggest airline company operating in Kenya offering both domestic and international travel packages and routes, this airline is one of the top-ranked airlines offering domestic flights in Kenya.

Is Kenya Air a good airline?

Kenya Airways is certified as a 3-Star Airline | Skytrax

“Kenya Airways has seen a steady decline of service quality onboard and is now a 3-Star airline. Weak areas include numerous operational delays and difficulties for passengers, as well as a poor airport experience in Nairobi. Onboard passenger experience is inconsistent and lacking staff and product quality.”

What is the difference between Kenya Airways and KQ?

Kenya Airways was set up in 1977 from the remains of East African Airways. The airline was abbreviated as KQ and not ‘KA’ because the code-name KA was already assigned to another airline.