Best Dog Food For Puppies In Kenya

Best Dog Food For Puppies In Kenya

  • Top Dog Regular ( Uncooked ) Starting at KSh8.99 KSh8.99 – KSh7,665.00 Order Now.
  • Krunshi Economy. Starting at KSh8.99 KSh8.99 – KSh10,040.00 Order Now.
  • Top Dog Rice. Starting at KSh8.99 KSh8.99 – KSh3,180.00 Order Now.
  • Krunshi Plus. Starting at KSh8.99 KSh8.99 – KSh2,595.00 Order Now.
  • Top Dog Puppy (Rice & Chicken Flavour)

What do you feed puppies in Kenya?

  • Bravecto Chewable Tablet for Dogs – 4.5 to 10kg, 1 Treatment.
  • Reflex Premium Small Breed Dog Food – Chicken & Rice 3kg.
  • Spectrum Ultra Premium Adult Dog Food – Sensitive27 Small Breed 3kg.
  • Spectrum Ultra Premium Puppy Food – Puppy32 Small / Medium Breed 3kg.
  • Migliorcane Unico ADULT MINI DELICATE LAMB PATE 100G.

What puppy food to give 1-month-old puppies?

Puppy Feeding Guide: How Much to Feed a Puppy | BeChewy

The best puppy food for your puppy’s first month of life is their mother’s milk, which has the best balance of nutrients for a growing puppy. If you are raising puppies yourself without the mother, or you need to supplement puppies for another reason, a formula specifically made for puppies is the best option.

When should I deworm my puppy?

How to Deworm a Puppy & Its Schedule - Pedigree® Philippines

Beginning with the first puppy worm treatment at the age of two or three weeks, pet parents should deworm the puppy again every alternate week until the puppy is 12 weeks old (4th, 6th, 8th, 10th and 12th week). After this, you should deworm the puppy once every month until it is six months old.