Best DNA Test In Kenya

Best DNA Test In Kenya

KEMRI Human DNA Identification Laboratory also known as HID laboratory is a leading laboratory in the provision of DNA testing services in the region. They offer DNA Testing services in the area of paternity testing and family relationship testing. Ms. Eva Aluvaala is the Head of the KEMRI DNA Lab.

How much is a DNA test in Kenya today?

Cost of DNA Test in Kenya? The 24-marker DNA test costs 15,000 Kshs. per person (total:30,000 kshs for alleged father+1 child). The 44-marker DNA test costs 20,000 Kshs.

How long does it take to get DNA results in Kenya?

The turnaround time may take 3-5 working days and for complex cases, it might take 5-10 working days. They use up to 68 DNA markers to carry out the tests. This company uses 24 genetic markers in the DNA of the child, father, and mother. KIBS provides both online and telephone customer services 24/7.

How much is DNA at Kemri?

Because test participants collect and submit their own DNA, results are not court-admissible. With prices starting from KES 20,000. Our easy-to-use mail-in paternity test provides peace of mind right from the comfort of home.

Where to get a DNA test kit in Kenya?

Sh800 and bam, you have DNA results at your home? It's not ...

In Kenya, the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) and the Bioinformatics Institute of Kenya (KIBS) offer DNA test and analysis services.