Best Dividend Stocks In Kenya

Best Dividend Stocks In Kenya

Below is the Best Dividend Stocks In Kenya

  • 5 Best High-Dividend Stocks in Kenya
  • Standard Chartered Bank Kenya Limited (NSE: SCBK)
  • NCBA Group Plc (NSE: NCBA)
  • British American Tobacco Kenya Plc (NSE: BAT)
  • Williamson Tea Kenya Plc (NSE: WTK)
  • BK Group Plc (NSE: BKG)

Which company gives the highest dividend in Kenya?

Company (Ticker Symbol)Share price in Ksh (1st Dec 2022)Dividend Yield %
1. Umeme (UMME)7.0224.79%
2. Williamson Tea Kenya plc (WTK)15013.33%
3. Standard Chartered Bank Kenya (SCBK)14513.10%
4. British American Tobacco Kenya plc (BAT)43312.36%

What are the best stocks to invest in Kenya today?

Kenyan (NSE) Stocks – Top Gainers Today

CompanyLast Price1D Return
SBICStanbic HoldingsKSh117.001.7%
CGENCar & General (Kenya)KSh40.008.3%

How often are dividends paid in Kenya?

The declaration date is the date on which the company’s Board of Directors announces the next dividend payment to shareholders. It is simply an announcement – no dividends are paid on the declaration date. Generally, dividends are paid quarterly, so declaration dates are quarterly as well.