Best Dinner Restaurants In Kenya

Best Dinner Restaurants In Kenya

What is the 1st best restaurant?

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1. Central (Lima, Peru): Named the world’s best restaurant for 2023, Central has led the way in putting Lima center stage on the global culinary map.

What is the best dish in Nairobi?

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  1. Ugali.
  2. Sukuma Wiki.
  3. Irio.
  4. Githeri.
  5. Mukimo.
  6. Bhajias.
  7. Madras.
  8. Matoke.

What is Kenya’s famous food?

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Food in Kenya: 10 dishes to try on your trip

  • Ugali.
  • Irio.
  • Githeri.
  • Matoke.
  • Nyama Choma.
  • Nyama.
  • Mutura.
  • Sukama wiki.