Best Digital Marketing Agency In Kenya

Best Digital Marketing Agency In Kenya

Top Digital Marketing Agencies in Kenya

  • Eazzy Labs.
  • Grid Branding Solutions Limited.
  • All Seasons Communications Limited.
  • Oxygen Digital Solutions.
  • Kenya Website Designers.
  • Fourtech Global Solutions Ltd. Delivering Market Defining Solutions.
  • Oracom Web Solutions. Your Online Presence Our Priority.

How much does digital marketing cost in Kenya?

The cost of PPC advertising in Kenya can range from KES 10,000 to KES 500,000 per Month, depending on the number of keywords you want to target and the level of service you require.

Which university is best for digital marketing in Kenya?

In no particular order, here is a list of the best digital marketing training schools in Kenya

  • Africa Digital Media Institute.
  • MM Digital Marketing.
  • OraDMT.
  • Digital 4 Africa.
  • Simon Page College of Marketing.
  • Edulink International College.
  • Inceptor Kenya.
  • Pitman Training Kenya.

Is digital marketing in demand in Kenya?

Digital marketing in Kenya has many entry-level job opportunities for those with relevant skills. With the continued expansion of internet connectivity, digital marketing is expected to continue with an upward trend in the coming years.

How long does a digital marketing course take in Kenya?

Course Duration and Fees

IIDE’s Online CoursesDurationFees (USD)
Advanced Certification in Digital Marketing (ACDM)4 months1,500
Professional Certification in Digital Marketing & Strategy (PCDMS)6 months2,000