Best Diesel Engine Oil In Kenya

Best Diesel Engine Oil In Kenya

Diesel Engine Oils in Kenya

  • DIAMOND. KSh 5,500. Castrol Engine Oil 5w-30.
  • KSh 6,200. 5w-30 Ecotec Wolver. Brand New.
  • KSh 1,500. 5w-40 Wolver Engine Oil.
  • KSh 5,500. Fully Synthetic Wolver Engine Oil.
  • KSh 8,000. Scope Oil 4L.
  • ENTERPRISE. KSh 2,800.
  • DIAMOND. KSh 4,500.
  • KSh 2,950. Wolver Super Dynamic 15w40 (4ltr) – MADE IN GERMANY.

Which engine oil is best for diesel engines?

Mobil Delvac™ Diesel Oils | Best Diesel Engine Oils | Mobil ...

Mobil Delvac 1™ 5W-40 is a fully synthetic high-performance heavy-duty diesel engine oil that helps towards long engine life while providing long drain capability for modern diesel engines operating in severe applications.

What is the quality of diesel in Kenya?

The critical parameters set out by the Kenya Bureau of Standards for diesel sold in Kenya are as below: AGO must have a densiy @ 20 degrees centigrade in Kg/m3 of between 820-870. Have Cetane index of 48 minimum and Sulphur content of 0.05% maximum.

How much is 1 litre of diesel in Kenya?

Kenya Diesel prices, 14-Aug-2023

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