Best Diapers In Kenya

Best Diapers In Kenya

Pampers Baby DiaperIt has earned its place in the Kenyan market by being the first diaper brand to launch. Many people still refer to other brands by this name. It’s known for its good quality, even though it can be a bit pricey.

What is the best diaper brand in Kenya?

Which brands are the best?

  1. Huggies.
  2. Pampers.
  3. Molfix.
  4. Software.
  5. Kisskids.
  6. Snuggles.
  7. Kiddy Care.

Who makes Molfix diapers in Kenya?

Hayat Kimya is the world’s 5th largest manufacturer of baby diapers with its headquarters in Turkey. The company has subsidiaries here in Kenya and other African countries. The company produces the popular Molfix diapers.

What brand of diapers do pediatricians recommend?

According to many sources, Pampers are not only the number one selling diapers at major retailers (like Target and Walmart), they’re also the most used at hospitals and the most recommended by pediatricians.