Best Diamond Rings In Kenya

Best Diamond Rings In Kenya

Below is the Best Diamond Rings In Kenya

Zaveris Ltd

Phone: +254 701 442434

GStone Jewelry Kenya

Phone: +254 707 678666

The Little Jewellers

Phone: +254 704 878717

Lavanderia Jewels

Phone: +254 722 117527

Nagin Pattni branches

Phone: +254 772 232800

Rajshyn Jewellers

Phone: +254 786 577109

The Kennedy’s International Jewelry Ltd

Phone: +254 722 510964

How much is a pure diamond ring in Kenya?

Kenya Diamond Price Today

WeightDiamond PriceDate
1 CaratKES 94,601.2021-08-2023
0.5 CaratKES 47,300.6021-08-2023
0.75 CaratKES 70,950.9021-08-2023
0.25 CaratKES 23,650.3021-08-2023

What style of diamond ring is best?

The Ultimate Engagement Ring Design Guide | Larsen

It is widely accepted thatĀ solitaire-style engagement ringsĀ are the most popular. These are engagement ring designs that feature just one single diamond or gemstone. Halo designs and engagement rings with side stones are also very popular, especially when the main stone is a colored diamond or gemstone.