Best Diagnostic Tool In Kenya

Best Diagnostic Tool In Kenya

Below is the Best Diagnostic Tool In Kenya

  • KSh 15,000. Autel AP200 Car Bluetooth Diagnosis Machine.
  • KSh 45,000. Launch X431 CRP 123x.
  • KSh 6,999. OBD2 Car Diagnostic Tool Code Reader Automatic Scanner.
  • KSh 26,999. Humzor Nexzdas Proffesional Diagnostic Tool.
  • KSh 4,500. Vgate Icar Pro Elm327 Dr Prius App.

How much is a car diagnostic test in Kenya?

Does your vehicle have an engine, airbag light, or other error message indicated on your dashboard? At Central Motor Service Limited, we carry out computerized vehicle engine diagnosis on all makes and models of vehicles with charges starting from only KES 5800/-.

How much does a car service cost in Kenya?

50,000 per year depending on the car’s make and the number of times you go to your mechanic. We have highlighted preventive actions you should.

How often should I service my car in Kenya?

Service your car at regular intervals to keep your vehicle in good condition and to prolong its life. Service intervals are based on time or kilometers driven – once a year or every 5,000-7,000 kilometers. Check your car manual for recommendations on a service schedule and maintenance work required.

How much is a major service in Kenya?

Major service is done on a yearly basis as the vehicle undergoes a major check, including replacement of spark/glow plugs, filters, brake pads, fluid top-up, and inspection. It costs between Sh20,000 and Sh30,000. An inspection report is normally issued after a major service.