Best Destinations In Kenya

Best Destinations In Kenya

Below is the Best Destinations In Kenya


Amboseli National Park


Lake Nakuru

Tsavo East National Park

Nairobi National Park

Hells Gate National Park

Where do most people go in Kenya?

Kenya map & itineraries. Many of the most popular places to visit in Kenya hug the Tanzanian border: the Masai Mara, the Great Migration, Tsavo, and several popular beach resorts. This leaves vast expanses of unexplored wilderness to the north for the more adventurous or second-time visitor to discover.

Where is the most beautiful city in Kenya?

Kenya's Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities to Visit | Kenya Safaris ...

Machakos is a large town with beautiful surroundings that is situated¬†65 kilometers southeast of Nairobi city. One of Kenya’s most lovely cities is this one, on one hand, it is bordered by hilly terrain, which provides lovely scenery and areas ideal for hiking safaris and camping safaris.

What is the most beautiful thing in Kenya?

10 Most Beautiful & Interesting Places To Visit in Kenya ...

Most Beautiful & Interesting Places to Visit in Kenya

  • Lake Nakuru.
  • Lamu Town.
  • Samburu.
  • Masai Mara.
  • Amboseli.
  • Diani Beach.
  • Chyulu Hills.
  • The Aberdares.

Where do rich people live in Kenya?

Runda is an abbreviation for Reserved United Nations Development Area. This estate is regarded as the poshest place to live in Nairobi for several reasons. Everything from housing, restaurants, shopping, and general expenditure in Runda is expensive.