Best Deep House DJ In Kenya

Best Deep House DJ In Kenya

Below is the Best Deep House DJ In Kenya


Suraj is a DJ and producer based in Nairobi, Kenya who combines modern electronic music with African soundscapes, instruments and vocals, even bringing live djembe players to some of his shows. Suraj grew up in Kisumu, Western Kenya’s capital, starting his journey by playing tablas, eventually switching to his spot behind the decks. In 2016 he released his first original production, “Wawere,” which combined Dholuo lyrics and a vocal riff by singer Olith Ratego over an electro twist.


The freakishly-talented Kampire Bahana is a writer, DJ and arts organiser based in Kampala.

Kampire began her DJ career in 2015.

After honing her craft at Hollywood in Jinja, home of Nyege Nyege Tapes. She then went on to rock the stage at Nyege Nyege. Kampire has also performed at Amani Festival in Congo, Africa Bass Culture in Burkina Faso, Africa Nouveau Festival and Kilifi NYE in Kenya. She also opened for high-profile acts like Diplo in Uganda.

Kampire’s sets perfectly mix nostalgic and contemporary African sensibilities, while kicking in some Lingala licks with deep house and faster beats.


Known as ‘The EDM Rastas’ Lectronica Circle duo David Gilbert and Kevin Kinuthia have been producing their signature sounds since 2012. They have the gift of finding the most unique voices in the region such as Vanessa Vonroe and Sally Ayugi to produce an instant hit.


This woman is a badass. A trail blazer in her field, she has been hailed as the first East African female DJ, and she’s been spinning for the better part of two decades. She herself admits that she’s constantly reinventing herself to remain relevant.

She is currently part of the Nairobi-based Santuri Safari East Africa Deejays, a collective of deejays and music producers from Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania.


Dylan-S is a music producer and DJ from Kenya whose jams have taken direct influences from his surroundings. His sound has been described as abstract, defined by the funkier, minimalist, and darker forms of electronic music frequently found in the underground.

He has played all over supporting artists such as Art Department, Subb-an, David Glass, Mosca, B-Traits, HNNY, MJ Cole, DJ Zinc, Tom Shortrerz, Russ Yallop, and many more. He has releases on Deep Tech Records (USA), Whoyostro (Ukraine), and Groundid Music (London/Nairobi).


Solvation‘s contact with the Nairobi club scene and coincidental online encounter with the music mixes of Kenya’s Afro House maestro Jack Rooster led to the genesis of a new beginning in his journey.

Solvation has grown his reputation and made a solid name in Kenya’s house music scene, having started from small campus and house parties to rocking big stages such as 6AM-Kenya’s annual Earthdance-Nairobi and curtain-raising for renowned international acts such as South Africa’s Problemchild Ten83.


Enchan is derived from ‘Naitobir Enc’an’ which in Maasai means the bringer of rain. Born in Mombasa, he’s now frequently spotted rocking Nairobi stages. A natural storyteller; Enchan weaves his tales through his deep tribal house and minimal techno.


DJ Vidza is one of the ladies making a big splash in the industry. She regularly performs with ‘Noise On Demand’ a DJ collective comprising of DJ Panik, DJ Sir Loin & DJ Sesi, and her groovy Afro House mixes regularly fill up the dance floors of Nairobi’s hottest clubs.


Dark Meme started deejaying at Steak Out in Kampala while he was still at university. After falling in love with house music while on sabbatical, he became a resident house DJ at Mishmash Kampala. Now, with several festivals under his belt and his breakthrough with the famous Hatari Voltage Kampala parties, he’s blowing up across the region. He strives to find the perfect sound along with Santuri Safari. 

How much does a DJ cost in Nairobi?

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Generally, the price includes equipment rental, setup and teardown, and the DJ’s time. However, other services such as lighting or sound reinforcement may be an additional cost. The average price for a DJ in Nairobi is around $35 per hour.

How much does a DJ get paid in Kenya?

Well, some of our DJs earn over Ksh 1 million per month. This is one of the most underrated careers but it’s among the highest-paying in the country. Below is a list of the highest-paid DJs in Kenya for the year 2023/2024: DJ Kalonje.