Best Data Science Courses In Kenya

Best Data Science Courses In Kenya

7 best data science schools in Kenya

  • Africa Data School.
  • Jenga school.
  • Predictive analytics.
  • Moringa school.
  • Strathmore.
  • The gradient boost.
  • Blossom Academy.

Is data science a good course in Kenya?

Data-driven decisions are more efficient and effective in the optimization of business processes. In conclusion, we can safely say that the data science profession is indeed marketable and it is worth pursuing for any data science enthusiast who is interested in climbing up the ladder in the profession.

How long does it take to study data science in Kenya?

Learn how to analyze data, and provide data-driven insights to make decisions. Elevate their careers or switch to Data Science inĀ as little as 25 weeks.

Where can I learn data science in Kenya?

Data Science courses in Kenya

  • Data Science course at Strathmore University. The institution acknowledges how data-rich modern businesses are becoming.
  • Kenya School of Monetary Studies.
  • Data Science in Moringa School.

How much is a data scientist paid in Kenya?

What is the total pay trajectory for Data Scientist?

Job TitleSalary
Data ScientistKES 320,000 /mo
Senior Data ScientistKES 267,500 /mo