Best Data Networks In Kenya

Best Data Networks In Kenya

Safaricom has been ranked by umlaut as having the best network for data and calls across the country, for the fourth year in a row. This follows “Drive Tests” carried out by umlaut across different locations assessing the different mobile networks for call and data performance.

Which is the fastest 4G network in Kenya?

So, in a nutshell, based on the speed tests, it would appear that when it comes to pure download speeds, Safaricom 4G+ is consistently faster than Telkom 4G. In terms of upload speeds, Telkom Kenya 4G and Safaricom 4G+ are essentially the same.

Which is the best mobile provider in Kenya?

RankName of OperatorMarket Share (%)
2Airtel Kenya21.4
3Telkom Kenya8.9

Which SIM card is best for data in Kenya?

  • Holafly, eSIM for Kenya with unlimited data and customer support in English.
  • SimOptions, an eSIM marketplace.
  • Airalo, the cheapest eSIM brand for travel to Kenya.
  • Maya Mobile, data packages for one month.