Best Data Networks In Kenya

Best Data Networks In Kenya

Safaricom has been ranked by umlaut as having the best network for data and calls across the country, for the fourth year in a row. This follows “Drive Tests” carried out by umlaut across different locations assessing the different mobile networks for call and data performance.

How to get unlimited data in Kenya?

Unlimited Data SIM Card Kenya. The Wraptel International Data SIM Card offers low-cost Unlimited Mobile Data in over 150 countries. Choose the Unlimited Data Plan that is right for you & insert the SIM in your device to activate!

Which SIM card is best for Kenya?

Buying a Sim Card at Nairobi Airport in 2023 -

The Safaricom 4G/5G network is by far the best in Kenya. For more info check out my article about the best prepaid SIM card in Kenya in 2023. Therefore, if you visit different tourist destinations in Kenya and will be on the road a lot during your Kenya trip then definitely get yourself a Safaricom sim card.

How much is data per month in Kenya?

One gigabyte of mobile internet in Kenya costs on average 0.84 U.S. dollars in 2021. Out of 46 plans measured in Kenya, the lowest price observed was 0.24 U.S. dollars per 1GB, for a 30-day plan. In the most expensive plan, 1GB cost 4.23 U.S. dollars.

What is the fastest internet in Kenya?

Speedtest Intelligence® reveals Safaricom was the fastest mobile operator among top providers in Kenya in Q3 2022 with a median download speed of 22.19 Mbps.