Best Data Deals In Kenya

Best Data Deals In Kenya

Below is the Best Data Deals In Kenya

  • 8GB Data. 400 minutes. 1,000 SMS + WhatsApp. Ksh. 1,000.
  • 17GB Data. 1,000 minutes. 2,000 SMS + WhatsApp. Ksh. 2,000.
  • 27GB Data. 1,500 minutes. 3,000 SMS + WhatsApp. Ksh. 3,000.
  • 47GB Data. 2,500 minutes. 5,000 SMS + WhatsApp. Ksh. 5,000.
  • 100GB. 7,500 minutes. 10,000 SMS + WhatsApp. Ksh. 10,000.

Which is the best data network in Kenya?

Safaricom 4G/5G network

There is no doubt that Safaricom has by far the best mobile network in Kenya in 2023. Period.

How much is unlimited data in Kenya?

Unlimited Internet Kenya/ home internet kenya

telkom kenya unlimited internetShs.3999Telkom
Faiba 4G HomeShs.5000Faiba4G
Safaricom Home FaibaShs.2500Safaricom
Triple PlayShs.5999Zuku

Is data expensive in Kenya?

One gigabyte of mobile internet in Kenya costs on average 0.84 U.S. dollars in 2021. Out of 46 plans measured in Kenya, the lowest price observed was 0.24 U.S. dollars per 1GB, for a 30-day plan. In the most expensive plan, 1GB cost 4.23 U.S. dollars.