Best Darul Uloom In Kenya

Best Darul Uloom In Kenya

Here is the Best Darul Uloom in Kenya

1. Nairobi Muslim Academy

The school was established in a bid to provide Muslims with access to education at different levels. It aims to provide a quality education that is founded on the principles of Islam.

Location: Muhoho Avenue, South C, Nairobi.

Contact: 020 600 9140.

2. Midad Academy

Midad Academy is the oldest Muslim primary school offering an 8-4-4 curriculum integrated with Islamic studies. It boasts of quiet and conducive study in a spacious environment, an inbuilt mosque, laboratory facilities and experienced staff.

Location: Popo Road, South C, Nairobi.

Contact: 0724 084 020.

3. Bright International Academy

It is an Islamic-integrated nursery and primary school that follows British and Kenyan curricula. Its Islamic curriculum is extensive as it covers Tawhid, Quran, Qaidoh, Arabic and Khat.

Location: Nyali, Opposite Total Petrol Station.

Contact: 0748 795 099.

4. Taalem Ul Islaam Academy

It is an integrated nursery and primary school that offers a British curriculum and Islamic studies from playgroup to year 6.

Location: Parklands, Nairobi.

Contacts: 0732 778 866, 0722 726 733.

5. Al Maktoum Academy

The school offers subsidised education and educates orphans for free. It is an academic powerhouse, producing candidates for national and county schools in exemplary KCPE performance for the last 7 years.

Location: Between Komarock and Kayole.

Contact: 020 525 8164.

6. Bayinah Academy

Bayinah Academy is an Islamic integrated school that offers Islamic education as well as a British curriculum, tailored to meet the needs of students hence making them all-rounded.

Location: Parklands.

Contacts: 0712 222 244, 0762 686 458.

7. Kenya Muslim Academy

It is a private primary and secondary school admitting both Muslims and non-muslims. It is committed to fostering the religious and moral values of learners.

Location: Kariobangi.

Contact: 0103 982 819.

8. Ar Risalah Academy

Ar Risalah is one of the first and only Islamic integrated schools which provides children with the most balanced way of learning.

Location: Jalaram Road, Nairobi.

Contact: 0729 292 564.

9. Al Hikma Integrated Academy

It is one of the best Islamic primary schools in Kenya. It offers pre-primary and primary education plus Islamic subjects from classes 1-8.

Location: Donholm Phase 8, Nairobi.

Contact: 0725 340 476.

10. Huda Integrated School

Huda Integrated School is a unique learning institution founded on very strong Islamic values. It prides itself on offering quality education with unique facilities and a team of experienced teachers.

Location: Aoko Road, Next to South B Shopping Centre.

Contacts: 0700 577 571, 0737 571 571