Best Dams To Fish In Kenya

Best Dams To Fish In Kenya

Lake Baringo National Reserve

Issak Walton Inn

Mzima Fishing Camp

Bisanadi National Reserve

Dimbolil Dam

Thiba Fishing Camp

Lake Turkana

Oasis Club

Which dams in Kenya where fishing is done?

Currently, capture fisheries are mainly fromĀ lakes Victoria, Turkana, Naivasha, Baringo, Jipe, Tana River dams, Tana River delta, and the Indian Ocean and it accounts for 87% of the total annual national fish production.

Which is the main freshwater fish in Kenya?

FamilySpeciesCommon names
CichlidaeOreochromis esculentusGraham’s tilapia (English), Ngege (Swahili), Dwela (Kotoko), Ngege (Luo), Osamo (Luo)
CichlidaeOreochromis grahamiLake Magadi tilapia (English)
CichlidaeOreochromis hunteriLake Chala tilapia (English)
CichlidaeOreochromis jipeJipe tilapia (English)

Where is fishing done in Kenya?

The most productive fishing areas areĀ on the north coast in the Lamu area including Kiunga, Kizingitini, and Faza, at Malindi and Tana River Delta, and on the south coast around Majoreni and Vanga. It is however noted that the national average marine annual catch is less than 10000 tons.