Best Dams In Kenya

Best Dams In Kenya

Below is the Best Dams In Kenya

Gitaru Reservoir

Kamburu Dam

Kiambere Reservoir

Kindaruma Reservoir

Masinga Reservoir

Koromojo Dam

Masinga Dam

Mukurumudzi Dam

Nairobi Dam

Ruiru Dam

Rukenya Dam

Sasamua Dam

Thika Dam

Travelers vote voting Thika Dam, Nairobi Dam, and Masinga Hydroelectric Power Station as the best of the 4 dams in Kenya. Also popular is Kigombo in Kenya. Want more? Check out our map of dams in Kenya or this 1 dam near Nakuru.

Which will be the biggest dam in Kenya?

Construction of Dams in Kenya | CK

The construction of the High Grand Falls Dam on River Tana is also yet to begin – two years after GBM Engineering won a tender to fund, design, build, operate, and transfer the Sh200bn dam. This is expected to be the largest dam in Kenya.

How many dams are there in Kenya?

What you need to know: Kenya currently has 4,100 dams and water pans distributed throughout the country.

What are the 7 Forks dams in Kenya?

Seven Fork Hydro Stations

  • Masinga Power Station.
  • Kamburu Power Station.
  • Gitaru Power Station.
  • Kindaruma Power Station.
  • Kiambere Power Station.

What is the second-largest dam in Kenya?

On completion, the Thwake dam will be the second largest dam in Kenya and will provide water for domestic, livestock, irrigation, hydropower, and industrial activities.

How much does it cost to build a dam in Kenya?

Masilingini Dam which has a capacity of 35,949 metric cubic will cost Sh 2.7milion, Malondo Dam with a capacity of 30874 metric cubic will cost Sh12. 7million while the Masia Dam with a capacity of 32,000 metric cubic will eventually cost Sh14. 2milion.