Best Dairy Cows In Kenya

Best Dairy Cows In Kenya

Jersey cows in Kenya are typically light brown in color though the color range can vary from almost grey to dull black. The true identity of a Jersey cow is the black nose bordered by an almost white muzzle with protruding eyes. This type of milk cow is well known for its high-quality milk.

Which cow is best for milk in Kenya?

Livestock Kenya - Important dairy breeds of cattle in Kenya

All cows can produce milk but the most suitable for commercial milk production are few. The most important dairy breeds of cattle in Kenya are Friesian, Ayrshire, Guernsey, and Jersey breeds.

Where to get good dairy cows in Kenya?

Best 10 Dairy Farms in Kenya - Africa Farming

Gogar Farm has been in the dairy business for over 90 years, specializing in breeding animals that perform best under local conditions. This farm breeds top-quality Ayrshire, Friesian, and Jersey dairy animals.

How much does a good dairy cow cost in Kenya?

Cost and returns of establishing successful dairy farm - Oxfarm

In dairy farming, the most important capital is stocking the cows and construction of the cow shed, milking crutches fencing, as well as equipment. In Kenya, a good in-calf heifer varies from 40,000-200,000 depending on genetic potential.