Best Dagga In Kenya

Best Dagga In Kenya

What is the penalty for bhang in Kenya?

Bhang Smokers Set to Pay Ksh250,000 Fine

The new bill seeks to have bhang users charged for smoking the drug, separate charges from being in possession of the narcotic. Bravo! There have been so many busybodies all around. And charge 20,000 to government officials who have stolen billions of shillings

How long do you go to jail for drug possession in Kenya?

The use and trafficking of illegal Class A drugs in Kenya carries heavy fines and jail sentences. The penalty for possession is 10 years in prison. Taking photographs of official buildings, including Embassies, can lead to detention.

How much is cash bail in Kenya?

In Kitale, for example, the courts have a policy of giving cash bail of at least Ksh. 300,000 in defilement cases and Ksh. 500,000 in robbery with violence cases. 4.17 Courts sometimes impose stringent bail terms for simple traffic offenses, such as Ksh.

What drugs are legal in Kenya?

The drugs mainly abused in Kenya are either illicit (illegal) such as heroin, cocaine, local brew (chang’aa), bhang, kuber, and mandrax, or licit (legal) such as alcohol (beer, wines & spirits), tobacco, and khat (miraa).