Best Cyber Security Companies In Kenya

Best Cyber Security Companies In Kenya

List of the Best Kenya Cybersecurity Consultants

  • Featured providers. Dataprise.
  • Rapidtech Digital Solutions.
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  • East Africa Hi Tech Solutions.
  • Dynamic Systems.
  • HutTech.
  • Deveint Limited.
  • Grow Desk Consulting LTD.

Which is the biggest security company in Kenya?

Riley Services Ltd. is one of the largest and well-established security companies in Kenya. We have been in the security industry since 1985. We pride ourselves on delivering customer solutions. Our products are custom-made and synonymous with quality and value.

How much is cyber security paid in Kenya?

Cyber Security Jobs by Salary

Job TitleRangeAverage
Security EngineerRange:KSh 0 – KSh 0 (Estimated *)Average:KSh 9,000,001
Penetration TesterRange:KSh 0 – KSh 0 (Estimated *)Average:KSh 1,220,838
Information Technology (IT) ConsultantRange:KSh 0 – KSh 0 (Estimated *)Average:KSh 1,200,000

Is cyber security offered in Kenya?

Diploma in Cyber Security – Level 6

Cyber Security course at the College of human Resource Management-CHRM is offered in collaboration with, The Institute of Certified Safety and Security Professionals of Kenya-ICSSPK, an independent body for security professional career development in Kenya.