Best CV Joint Brand In Kenya

Best CV Joint Brand In Kenya

CV Joints shop in Nairobi, Kenya
CV (constant velocity) joints are components of a vehicle’s drivetrain that connect the transmission to the wheels.

They’re designed to allow the wheels to rotate at a constant speed, regardless of the angle of the steering or suspension.

A properly functioning CV joint is important for maintaining good vehicle handling and stability, as well as preventing excessive wear and tear on other drivetrain components.

A worn or damaged CV joint can cause clicking or popping noises, vibration, and reduced handling and stability.

It’s important to replace worn or damaged CV joints at recommended intervals to ensure optimal vehicle performance and prevent damage.

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What’s another name for CV joints?

The most commonly known CV joint is the Rzeppa joint. Most streetcars use this joint on both ends or one end of the driveshafts. These joints consist of four parts: the outer race, (usually) six balls with a cage around them, and the inner race.

Can a bad CV joint cause transmission problems?

A bad CV joint can affect the transmission in a number of ways. One way is that it can cause the transmission to slip. This can happen if the CV joint is not properly lubricated or if it is damaged. Finally, a bad CV joint can also cause excessive vibration in the drivetrain.