Best Curry Powder In Kenya

Best Curry Powder In Kenya

Simba Mbili┬áhas been a household brand in Kenya since 1957. Simba Mbili’s raw materials are sourced of the highest quality making products of the best flavour and quality.

What brand is best for curry powder?

Top 12 Mild Curry Powders Products

  • Bart. Mild Curry Powder. 87g.
  • Rajah. Mild Madras Curry Powder.
  • Patak’s. Pataks Mild Curry Spice Paste.
  • Rajah. Mild Madras Curry Powder.
  • Schwartz. Medium Curry Powder Drum.
  • COOK by ASDA. Mild Curry Powder.
  • Schwartz. Mild Curry Powder Drum.
  • Cooks’ Ingredients. Mild Curry Powder.

How do I choose curry powder?

3 Easy Ways to Use Curry Powder - wikiHow

Choose curry powders without turmeric as the main ingredient for the best flavor.

  1. If your curry powder does have turmeric listed first, you can still use it, just don’t depend on it for your main source of flavor.
  2. McCormick makes a good regular curry powder that can be found in most grocery stores.

What are the ingredients in Kenya curry powder?

ingredients: Coriander Seed, Cereals, Turmeric, Mustard seed, Chillies, Salt, Ginger, Jaggery, Fennel seed, Fenugreek seed, Cumin seed, Cinnamon, Garlic.