Best Curro Schools In Kenya

Best Curro Schools In Kenya

Which is the highest-paid school in Kenya?

1. International School of Kenya– This is the most expensive school in Kenya offering a North American curriculum.

Which is the richest private school in Kenya?

Kenya’s Most Expensive Schools

  • Kenya International School (ISK) ISK is at the top of the list of Kenya’s most expensive schools.
  • Greensteds International School.
  • St Andrews Turi.
  • Brookhouse School.
  • Peponi School.

What is the most expensive international school in Kenya?

Top 20 most expensive schools in Kenya and tuition fees ...

Here is a list of the most expensive schools in Kenya:

  1. International School of Kenya (ISK)
  2. Greensteds International School.
  3. St Andrews Turi.
  4. Brookhouse School.
  5. Peponi School.
  6. Hillcrest International School.
  7. Braeburn Imani International School.

What is the most popular school in Kenya?

Overall, the most popular 15 schools according to the 2018 placement data are Pangani Girls, Alliance High, Alliance Girls, Mangu, Lenana, Nairobi School, Starehe Boys, Maseno School, Kapsabet Boys, Maranda High, Kenya High, and Limuru Girls.