Best CSR Companies In Kenya

Best CSR Companies In Kenya

Corporate Social Responsibility Companies in Kenya

  • Cypher Environmental Ltd. Distributor in KENYA.
  • Genap B.V. Office in Naorobi, KENYA.
  • FirstCarbon Solutions (FCS) Office in Nairobi, Kenya.
  • KEPHIS. is based in Nairobi, KENYA.

What is corporate social responsibility in Kenya?

In Kenya, CSR is viewed by organizations as a necessary but voluntary commitment. More succinctly, a long-term commitment to sustainable outcomes motivates organizations to consider social, economic, legal, and environmental rights.

Is CSR mandatory in Kenya?

Whereas CSR is a voluntary exercise by organizations in Kenya, there is pressure for them to do more to better the society.

Is corporate social responsibility in Kenya blessing curse or necessary evil?

In Kenya , this is the more likely approach to CSR. Since it is mostly voluntary, many organizations shun CSR. However, a few do pursue CSR, as a philanthropic gesture to the communities.