Best Cruiser Bikes In Kenya

Best Cruiser Bikes In Kenya

Which motorbike is best in Kenya?

The Best Motorbikes For Personal Use In Kenya

The Levhart Lego 150CC Motorcycle is one of the best motorcycles in Kenya that you can buy. It has been designed to give you a comfortable ride and a smooth engine. The motorcycle has been designed with a balance shaft engine which makes it a very comfortable ride with minimum vibration and smooth acceleration.

How much does a bike cost in Kenya?

In general, for bicycle prices in Kenya, road bikes are usually more expensive followed by hybrid bikes and then mountain bikes. You can find a mountain bike for as low as KES 5000 to KES 8000 if you care to look around (I found a nice steel MTB for under KES 7000 once).

Which is the most expensive bike in Kenya?

Cyclist Turns Heads With Ksh5 Million Bicycle on Kenyan Road ...

A complete bike with a high-end groupset and components can cost upwards of Ksh7 million. Bolide F HR 3D is the most expensive model because it is a custom-made bike used by some of the most renowned bikers in the world. A photo of Pinarello Bolide F Frameset Bicycle that retails at around Ksh5 million.