Best Crowdfunding Platforms In Kenya

Best Crowdfunding Platforms In Kenya

Below is the Best Crowdfunding Platforms In Kenya

  1. M-Changa.
  2. Pesa Pesa.
  3. Changia Boresha.
  4. Kickstarter Kenya.

Is crowdfunding legal in Kenya?

The platform operators, for purposes of investment-based crowdfunding, must be licensed by the Authority, and a person who establishes, maintains, or operates an investment-based crowdfunding platform without a license commits an offense and is liable to the penalties outlined in section 34A of the Capital Markets Act.

What are the fundraising apps in Kenya?

Platforms that are popular in Kenya include Indiegogo and Kickstarter. When you use a crowdfunding platform, you have the opportunity to collect pledges from people who are interested in your project. This helps to ensure that your project gets the support it needs from people who care about it.

How to fundraise in Kenya?

3 Easy Steps

  1. Create your fundraiser. It’ll take only 2 minutes.
  2. Share your fundraiser with your supporters. All you need to do is consistently share the fundraiser with your friends, family, and online community.
  3. Manage your fundraiser. View your progress, add custodians, accept mobile money and card donations, and more.

How do I create a GoFundMe account in Kenya?

Create an account

  1. Email Address.
  2. Confirm Email Address.
  3. Password.