Best Cricket Players In Kenya

Best Cricket Players In Kenya

Below is the Best Cricket Players In Kenya

Steve Tikolo

Kennedy Otieno

Thomas Odoyo

Collins Obuya

Irfan Karim

Peter Ongondo

Alex Obanda

Hiren Varaiya

Elijah Otieno

Who has taken the most wickets in Kenya?

Tikolo has scored the most runs with 3369 for the team while Odoyo has taken the most wickets with 141.

Why is Kenya not in World Cup cricket?

Kenya lost their ODI status after 18 years when they finished outside the top 4 in the 2014 Cricket World Cup Qualifier also failing to qualify for the 2015 Cricket World Cup.

Is Kenya allowed to play World Cup?

The International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) banned Kenya in February from participating in any international events due to government meddling in the nation’s football association. Despite the suspension, Kenyan football fans are excited about the upcoming World Cup in Qatar.