Best Credit Score To Buy A Car In Kenya

Best Credit Score To Buy A Car In Kenya

In Kenya, a good score is between 300 to 850 while above 800 is excellent. While the Autochek team works with you to know the best rates for your car loan, knowing your credit score will help you budget for a car that fits your budget.

What is a good credit score in Kenya?

Factors Affecting Your Credit Score - Creditinfo Kenya

Credit scores range between 250-900 where 250 is considered a bad score and 900 is a good score. A good credit score means you are low-risk and you qualify for a low-interest rate. A bad score means you are high-risk, therefore your interest rate is higher than for a low-risk person.

How to get a car loan in Kenya?

Non-Absa accountholders

  1. Last two months’ payslips (certified)
  2. Bank statements for three months (certified)
  3. One passport photo.
  4. KRA – PIN.

Can I pay for a car in installments in Kenya?

You are ready to go with a deposit of 10-30% of the vehicle you desire. You can then repay the balance for up to 60 months in easy monthly installments.