Best Craft Beer In Kenya

Best Craft Beer In Kenya


1Bila Shaka Chez GuerrillaBateleur Brewery1078
2Sierra Imperial StoutOzzbeco (K) Ltd.1352
3Guinness Foreign Extra Stout (Kenya)Kenya Breweries (EABL – Diageo)3839
4Sierra PorterOzzbeco (K) Ltd.2317
5Sierra AmberOzzbeco (K) Ltd.3010
6Sierra BlondeOzzbeco (K) Ltd.327
7Sierra PlatinumOzzbeco (K) Ltd.155
8Kenya Tusker Premium / Malt LagerKenya Breweries (EABL – Diageo)1085
9Balozi LagerKenya Breweries (EABL – Diageo)124
10Kenya Tusker LagerKenya Breweries (EABL – Diageo)11603
11Kenya PilsnerKenya Breweries (EABL – Diageo)293
12Kenya Allsopps LagerKenya Breweries (EABL – Diageo)262
13Kenya Pilsner IceKenya Breweries (EABL – Diageo)131
14Kenya White CapKenya Breweries (EABL – Diageo)671
15Kenya Tusker LiteKenya Breweries (EABL – Diageo)321
16Bila Shaka Dirty HairyBateleur Brewery5
17Big Five White RhinoThe Big Five Breweries5
18Big Five TemstoutThe Big Five Breweries8
19Big Five SimpilsThe Big Five Breweries7
20Big Five NyatipaThe Big Five Breweries8
21Big Five KifabockThe Big Five Breweries7
22Big Five ChuiKolschThe Big Five Breweries7
23Kenya White Cap LightKenya Breweries (EABL – Diageo)8

What is the new beer in Kenya?

Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL) has launched Rockshore Tropical Lager. It is a new alcoholic beer that is fruit-flavored, forming part of KBL’s light beer category. The new flavored beer is infused with natural tropical African fruit flavors like pineapple and passion fruit and has an Alcohol by Volume (ABV) of 4.2%.

What is the best selling beer in Kenya?

A List of Local Beer Brands in Kenya | Transit Hotels

Tusker Lager

This is arguably one of the most popular and best-known beer brands in Kenya. It is owned by East African Breweries Limited and is by far the highest-selling in East Africa.