Best Cow Breed In Kenya

Best Cow Breed In Kenya

Below is the Best Cow Breed In Kenya

Holstein Friesian

Boran cattle

Jersey cattle

Sahiwal cattle

Guernsey cattle

Ayrshire cattle

Hereford cattle

Charolais cattle

Simmental cattle

What are the best cows in Kenya?

The most important dairy breeds of cattle in Kenya are Friesian, Aryshire, Guernsey and Jersey breeds.

What is the best cow for milk production in Kenya?

Best dairy cow breeds in Kenya -

Jersey cows in Kenya are typically light brown in color though the color range can vary from almost grey to dull black. The true identity of a Jersey cow is the black nose bordered by an almost white muzzle with protruding eyes. This type of milk cow is well known for its high-quality milk.

What is the highest-producing cow in Kenya?

African Farm Resource Centre - Highest milk producing cow in ...

The most popular dairy cow is the Friesian, which produces more milk, compared to the Ayrshire, Jersey, and Guernsey breeds. The cow that produces the most milk in the world hits 110 litres in a day, but in Kenya, the highest is 70 liters.

What is the new cow breed in Kenya?

Here is a new Asal dairy breed | Nation

A cross breed of Friesian and Sahiwal which is a new breed developed by Kenya Agricultural Livestock Research Organisation grazing at the Dairy Research Institute in Naivasha on January 31, 2022. The age at first service is reduced from three years for local zebu to two years for the cross breed.